‘Yoga Is fitness warranty At 0 price range’: PM Modi’s top 5 quotes

'Yoga Is Health Assurance At Zero Budget': PM Modi's Top 5 Quotes

‘Yoga Is fitness warranty At 0 price range‘: PM Modi’s top 5 quotes
CHANDIGARH: prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the second international Yoga Day celebrations from Chandigarh this morning.
June 21 picked on India’s request as global Yoga Day, it’s far the longest day as Earth is closest to sun.
UN celebrates many days all 12 months but Yoga Day has become a Jan Andolan (people‘s motion) unlikeevery other.
Yoga offers us fitness warranty at 0 price range.
Yoga isn’t always approximately what one gets, it’s miles approximately what you may give up.
much like you have made the cellular cellphone a part of your existence, you may also adopt yoga.

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