Law enforcement agencies throughout the country rely on commercial property owners to keep track of who comes in and out of their parking lots, buildings, and other assets. While you cannot reasonably identify every single person who comes and goes from your properties, you can maintain an accurate count of the foot traffic. With fixtures like a turnstile revolving door, ticket gate, or electronic sliding doors, you can control the flow of traffic to some degree and minimize to some extent the risk to the public.
Selecting the Right Dimensions

Before you install one of these gates or doors on your property, you may want to consider the dimensions in which they are available. While your primary goal may be to control and keep track of the flow of traffic, you also do not want to inconvenience people who come in and out of your buildings or lots. If they find it too difficult to enter and leave, they may stop visiting your location in favor of your competitors.

When you shop online, however, you can research the available dimensions and choose gates and doors that will be wide and tall enough to allow in a moderate stream of visitors without inviting a mad rush at the gate. The turnstiles have generous widths and heights that accommodate the size of the typical person today. People should be able to enter and exit through the doors without any problem.
Security Features

Another consideration to keep in mind is what kinds of security features the doors have to offer you. As the property owner, you may need to remember to take steps to thwart public safety risks and to discourage criminals from trying to compromise the integrity of your building or lot.

The gates for sale online are made from sturdy metal bars that take a bit of effort to maneuver. People going about their normal business may not mind having to exert themselves somewhat to open the doors. However, a robber typically will prefer a gate that is faster and easier to open. He or she does not want to have to take the time to push open a sturdy metal barred door.
These design features may come to mind as you shop for gates and doors to install on your property. They help you lower your liability and enhance the safety of the public.

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