Top 5 Places Where Locals Party in Singapore

While tourists visit Singapore for fun and adventure, the locals can be seen in their formals doing all they can to keep up with the fast-paced life. However, as soon as the sun sets Singapore becomes more lively and entertaining. The professionals in the formals suddenly change into party zombies who are ready to drink and dance until the sun rises.

If you are planning to book Delhi to Singapore flights and want to know the favourite party destinations of the locals, then you have landed on the right page.

Here is the list of top 5 places where locals party in Singapore

Zouk Nightclub

Ask any local clubber or party lover, and Zouk will be their first preference for partying in Singapore. It is not only the liveliest but also one of the oldest nightclubs in Singapore. They have their set of talented DJs, but then also they keep on inviting international DJs frequently. They have top-notch sound systems and strict underground music policy which have earned them the legendary status. They have numerous rooms and zones, anextensive list of drinks and state-of-the-art lighting system. In short, Zouk has everything that any party lover would want from a nightclub.

CANVAS Nightclub

The nightclub operates as art-gallery during theday and gives the underground feeling of a nightclub during thenight. Anyone passionate about art and music alike will have a paradise like feeling at Canvas. They are equipped with different kinds of art including photography, digital art, street art, fashion and films. The music at this nightclub is also of varied nature including Afro-Latin, Nu-Disco, Techno and many other forms of heavy bass. This is not all! Canvas injects some more entertainment for its guests in the form of stand-up comedy. The nights at Canvas starts with laughter and then gets livelier with bass-heavy music and dance.

Club Kyo

Not only the music policy but the location of the Kyo nightclub too is underground. It is situated in the basement of Keck Seng tower and boasts of its Japanese club resemblance. They present a wide variety of Japanese drinks including whisky, spirits, wines, champagne and cocktails. If you want to experience Japanese drinks and prefer to sit for longer rather than just dance, going to Kyo will be the best choice for you. They are equipped with 150 seats and have dancing space for about 200 people.

Attica Nightclub

This nightclub gets busy every night with the party lovers who are into mainstream music. They provide excellent dance music with some great cocktails. Unlike other nightclubs where ladies are given alimited amount of drinks, this nightclub is more generous to ladies. They offer not only ladies more drink choices but also organisecompetition where the best-dressed lady group is awarded with750ml of Martini bottle. If you get bored of the party popmusic, you can quickly switch to the electronic zone.

Tanjong Beach Club

The Tanjong Beach Club gets alive with the party lovers at nightfall, especially on weekends. Their full moon and Sunday parties are worth waiting eagerly. Live DJs start performing on the beach at early hours and continue till the dawn. This is a unique club where you can find anywhere in the world that straddles the margin between indoors and outdoors. It is quiet during the weekdays,but on the weekends, it transforms completely. The club made at the far edge of the Island Sentosa is a must visit place for the party lovers who like to stay close to nature.

While you book Delhi to Singapore flight tickets,don’t forget to add these party places in your list of itineraries. Partying at the places loved by the lively locals of Singapore would definitely give the tourists or visitors to Singapore a memorable experience for life.

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