Amazon Said to Be Piloting Teams With a 30-Hour Work Week

    HIGHLIGHTS Entire team, including managers, would work reduced hours Their salaries will be lower than 40-hour workers The program could also help to tackle Amazon’s diversity problem Amazon.com will soon launch a program to experiment with a 30-hour workweek for select employees. The program will have a few technical teams made up entirely of part-time […]

    can you honestly work up an appetite?

    US scientists are tough the famous notion that we will “work up an appetite” with vigorous exercise,saying it surely reduces a person‘s motivation for food. James LeCheminant and Michael Larson, each Brigham young college professors, measured the neural (brain cell) pastime of 35 ladies whilst they regarded food photos, both following a morning of workoutand […]

    7 Ways Mindfulness Is the Key to Your Success At Work and Life

    2016-04-14-1460672888-7956954-mindfulness.jpg Everything in your life, including your work, your relationships, and your health is impacted by how you: Focus Communicate Control your emotions Listen Maintain your energy level Make decisions Prioritize what’s important Think about it. Whatever role you’re putting the most energy into right now, whether it’s as an employee, a spouse, a parent, […]

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    Striking a Holistic Balance: The Workout & the Work Within

    The clang of heavy weights, the steady thump of shoes on a treadmill, the wall of mirrors, the anxious expressions, the instructor who means business and the loud rhythmic music- the standard gym can prove to be both, a motivating setup and an intimidating experience.  Especially when compared with the tranquil and serene environment one […]

    Work from home fraud most prevalent internet scam in India: Telenor

    Thirty-nine per cent net users are victims of ‘work from home’ fraud and 25 per cent have fallen prey to lottery scams even as 85 per cent of the country’s Internet user base are familiar with the term ‘Internet Scam’, says a study by Telenor. The multi-market survey conducted by Telenor Group assessed the impact […]

    Will online pharmacies work in India, and are they even legal?

    Zigy co-founder Hemant Bhardwaj hired three law firms just to ascertain if the business of online pharmacies was legal. Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint New Delhi: It’s a $18 billion market set to grow to $55 billion by 2020 and it’s finally beginning to get the kind of attention from investors and entrepreneurs those numbers warrant—despite uncertainty […]