Without the Impact that Formed the Moon, We Might Not Have Life on Earth

    The Earth wasn’t formed containing the necessary chemicals for life to begin. One well-supported theory, called the “late veneer theory”, suggests that the volatile chemicals needed for life arrived long after the Earth formed, brought here by meteorites. But a new study challenges the late veneer theory. Evidence shows that the Moon was created when […]

    4 Ways to Master Risk in Your Small Business Without Breaking a Sweat

    Risk is something that few people enjoy. Sure, there are always daredevils who push things too far, but the majority of people are relatively cautious. And while there’s something to be said for protecting yourself, successful entrepreneurs don’t shy away from risk altogether. The Role of Risk in Entrepreneurship and Business When most people think […]

    A midterm preference for Democrats, but without anti-Trump motivation (POLL)

    A majority of Americans polled prefer to see the next Congress controlled by the Democrats to counter President Donald Trump rather than by the Republicans to support him — but without the level of anti-Trump motivation the opposition party may be banking on. Despite Trump’s historically low approval rating, opposition to him does not produce appreciably more 2018 […]

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    Down in Jungleland: How the mighty banyan is nothing without the tiny wasp

    Try and research the ficus (alias fig) family, and you’ll come out with your head spinning. There are apparently anything between 750 and 1,000 members of this mainly tropical clan spread worldwide, and they seem to have guarded their secrets well — because all the various sources I scanned didn’t exactly have the same script, […]

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    Creative Ways to Get Funding Without Going to the Bank

    Are you having a tough time finding financing for your small business or just don’t know where to turn? Today there are more financing opportunities out there than ever before — if you know where to look. We tapped into the expertise of Linda Jenkins (pictured), CEO of the Gold Alliance Group, for some advice. […]

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    Use EaseUS Software and Restore the Lost Files Without Risk!

    If you rely a lot on computers for storing data and files, then you must know something about data loss. Data loss is nothing but losing the data accidentally and owing to some other issues like unauthenticated access to the system, hardware and software installation error, data crash and more. If you have lost the […]