Weird Antarctic ice may explain how life endured on frozen Earth

    Millions of years ago, Earth was a frozen “snowball” Jason Edwards / Getty By Colin Barras How did complex life survive when the Earth turned into a giant snowball hundreds of million years ago? A bizarre region of “dirty” Antarctic ice, discovered a century ago by British explorer Captain Scott’s team, might hold clues. There is […]

    The Weird World of Trump-Themed Podcasts

    Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images “Everything that is #Trump is made into a podcast.” It sounds like an elevator pitch from hell, but Timo Uusi-Kerttula has turned it into a reality. The founder of ReadEar Ltd., a company that hopes to make it easier for those with vision or reading problems to access the news, Uusi-Kerttula put two […]

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    This weird moon of Saturn has some essential ingredients for life

    If you were going to cook up life on another world, Titan is the place to do it. Saturn’s largest moon is rich with carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen — elements required by all living organisms on Earth. It has two types of wet ingredients — an ocean of water underground and lakes of liquid methane on the surface. And it’s flush […]