Life Found A Way Just 10 Years After The Dinosaurs Were Wiped Out

    We all know that a massive asteroid smashed into Earth around 66 million years ago, giving dinosaurs a very bad day and destroying 75% of life on the planet. But scientists have now discovered that just ten years later, life had returned to the crater left by the impact and there was a thriving ecosystem […]

    How To PR Your Way To Podcast Success

    There is no denying that as a marketing vehicle, podcasts are hot. I’ve written recently about the strategy of PR through podcast guesting. I’ve also written, further back, about the tips for building an audience by starting a show of your own.  Regardless of your strategy so far, if you listen to at least one per month, you’re […]

    The Futurama Podcast Was Way Too Much Podcast, Not Nearly Enough Futurama

    The Futurama gang reunited for a scripted radio drama taking us back to New New York for the first time in over four years. And as exciting as it was to hear Fry, Leela, Bender, and everybody else on their epic space adventures, the whole thing really doesn’t work unless you’re a freakishly major fan of podcasts. Nerdist released its […]

    Playing to Your Strengths – A Sure Shot Way to Succeed

    Let us pull out a leaf or two from his secret mantra for success and try implementing them in our daily life! I say it is not just about performing a root-cause analysis (RCA) while we fail but doing the same while we succeed that differentiates us from the rest! This approach instills confidence in […]

    Apple’s new stats could revolutionize the way we find podcasts

    The news moves so quickly these days that a podcast published on Thursday might not be relevant on Monday. But it’s hard to tell which news or political podcasts have the latest information just by scrolling through the iPhone app. The iTunes store categorizes podcasts by “top episodes” and “top podcasts” in certain genres, but […]

    Success of ‘Wonder Woman’ Could Pave Way for More Female Directors

    The critical and commercial success of “Wonder Woman,” the first female superhero movie directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins, could be the catalyst that turns the tide for female directors angling to helm major studio films. Keeping the momentum going, however, will be a big challenge. This story first appeared in the June 13, 2017 […]

    US leads the way in steel recycling success as UK lags behind

    The U.S. is setting a strong example that the U.K. must follow as it presses ahead with steel recycling and gives a boost to its domestic steelmaking industry, says the executive chairman of Liberty House Group. “It’s not rocket science to imagine that to recycle something is more competitive than to make it from scratch,” […]

    Washington Sundar thinks his way to success

    T20 cricket is perhaps the most misleadingly sold sport of all. The action is crunched into such a small time frame that to really follow it as a spectator, you need to concentrate fiercely. However, it is marketed almost as though it were a carnival. The cheerleaders, the loud music, the spot interviews, the incessant […]