Start-up Failure Rates Vary — Choosing the Right Industry Matters

    May 28, 2008 by Scott Shane In Startup 41 3 Shares 2 6 1 Email this ArticlePrint This Article I’m following up my posting of a few weeks ago on new business failure rateswhere I said that there are considerable differences across industry sectors in business failure rates. Below is Figure 7.1 (p.113) from my […]

    Underwriting practices vary across insurance companies

    Pradeep Gaur/Mint Can a dent on the car be reason enough for not giving it insurance coverage? My car’s insurance is due for renewal and they are asking me to fix the dent on my own. —Rakesh Sundria Underwriting practices vary across insurers. However, it is not usual to deny coverage due to a pre-existing […]