January window won’t be used as motivation, says Joe Dunne

    Joe Dunne said that he won’t be using the January transfer window as motivation for his players. The U’s head coach has spoken in the past about the need to add to his squad, especially after similar mistakes kept popping up throughout defeats in the early part of the season. And while conceding that competition […]

  • Bags for life carry food poisoning risk if used for raw meat or fish

      Shoppers could colour-code or label bags to avoid cross-contamination, says Food Standards Agency. Photograph: Anthony Morgan/Alamy   Reusable “bags for life” can spread deadly food poisoning bacteria if they are used to carry raw foods such as fish and meat, consumers have been warned by the government’s food safety watchdog. In revised guidance on its website, […]

  • LIFE
    How Mad Catz used up its last life

    The company, founded in 1989, was one of the go-to brands for third party controllers and other accessories. They weren’t always the best; but they were cheap and generally offered value for money. They were also behind some top quality fighting game sticks, as well as some popular PC accessories like the RAT range of […]

    What is a Gangway Round and How is it Used by Startups?

    In the world of startup finance, a bridge round refers to efforts by young companies to raise a small amount of money to help them get to their next major round of financing. Bridge rounds usually occur when companies have fallen behind plan and missed a milestone. These days I am seeing a very specific […]

  • NEWS
    Caroff Communications Reveals 5 Ways PPC and SEO Are Used to Enhance Each Other

    SAN DIEGO, Dec. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Are there good reasons Caroff Communications runs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns together? Absolutely. Here are five. 1) More than the sum of the parts Caroff Communications has been building websites and doing SEO for more than 20 years. When they say “Websites and SEO that […]

  • LIFE
    I Used A Surrogate. And Am So Grateful And Proud

    In my 20-year-long career as a TV journalist, I’ve enjoyed a few days in the sun, days when a story or show that I did made a difference in someone’s life, moments that gave me a general sense of achievement. In my earlier avatar as a basketball player, I derived the same gratification while playing […]

    Michael Jackson used motivational tapes: Jane Fonda

      ‘KING OF POP’ MICHAEL JACKSON USED TO LISTEN TO MOTIVATION TAPES WHICH TOLD HIM HE WAS “A GOOD PERSON” WHEN HE STAYED WITH ACTRESS JANE FONDA. ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson used to listen to motivation tapes which told him he was “a good person” when he stayed with actress Jane Fonda for two […]