How These 5 Traits Set Women Up For Entrepreneurial Success

    BOSTON, MA – DECEMBER 08: Spanx founder Sara Blakely speaks onstage during the Massachusetts Conference for Women at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on December 8, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for Massachusetts Conference for Women) Women entrepreneurs are disrupting industries everywhere, from fashion to technology to finance. No matter what […]

    Top 5 Personality Traits Investors Look for in an Entrepreneur

    People often ask me what kind of personality traits successful entrepreneurs possess? I’ve always maintained a mental list, based on my observations over years of meeting with entrepreneurs who have founded, scaled and exited businesses. To explore this further, I thought it might be interesting to gather the perspectives of professional investors at venture capital funds […]

    7 Positive Traits Productive People Share

    We all struggle with feeling like we’re not as productive as we should be.  But really, any discussion of productivity must begin with a definition.  You see, productivity isn’t necessarily about doing more, working more or spending more energy.  Productivity is really about accomplishing what’s necessary and doing it as efficiently as possible. So productivity […]

    3 traits That Make successful entrepreneurs

    in case you suppose you have got what it takes to be a top entrepreneur, there are some ways torecognize for sure. there’s a protracted listing of attributes of a hit marketers, however my listing within reason brief, easy, and focused on the most important qualities. What’s more, everyone has those characteristics, just some in […]