The Entrepreneurs Who Are Calling Time On Late Payments

    Late payments are a major threat to business/photo credit: Shutterstock Late payment is the scourge of the startup world, and one of the prime reasons why so many fail to survive beyond five years. Research carried out by the U.K.’s Federation of Small Businesses found the average delay in payments to small businesses and the […]

    After Fox, It’s Podcast Time for Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck

    Two of the most well-known conservative commentators in the United States — both of whom made high-profile departures from top-rated shows on Fox News — will be podcasting together. Bill O’Reilly, who was forced out by Fox News in April, said on Monday that he will make regular appearances on Glenn Beck’s conservative media network, […]

    Is It Time to Incorporate Your Business in the New Year?

    Whether you’re launching a brand new business or have been running a small business for years, the beginning of January is always a time to evaluate your business strategies and future direction. One important consideration is if the new year is the right time to incorporate your business. If you’ve been wondering about incorporating or […]

  • NEWS
    Deals in 2017: Time to deploy the dry powder

    Photo: AFP 2017 will have to raise the bar in terms of deal-making. 2016 was about headline-grabbing numbers breaking record highs. Both M&A volumes and dry-powder reserves beat the previous years and it would be safe to assume that 2017 would largely be a year of deployment. TRENDS TO WATCH Buyouts to gain further momentum […]

  • LIFE
    Meem Creates a Smartphone Backup Every Time You Recharge

    MEEM is a charger, mini-computer and backup storage device all rolled into one designed to store the personal bits of data in your iOS or Android smartphone every time you plug it in. There is a lot of data on the smartphones you carry, some much more important than the rest. In most cases, the […]