7 Smart Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

    Working in a 9-to-5 job can be monotonous and boring, but one has to break free to stay directed and motivated towards their professional life’s goals. Nevertheless, it is really tough if your work is not challenging enough to motivate you. This is why it’s advisable to choose a career that excites you. Make your […]

    10 Entrepreneurs Who Are Showing Why Blockchain Is Here to Stay

    Entrepreneurs in nascent industries often face challenges that seasoned entrepreneurs might not have. In the blockchain industry, these challenges have included education, adoption and external forces like global regulation. Just “selling” a new technology to clients can be a challenge. But in the case of blockchain and crytocurrency, these challenges are less and less of a problem, as […]

    Stay Liquid, Stay on Top

    Fixed deposits may be one of the most popular investment products for risk-averse investors. However, fixed return investments are not entirely risk-free. “Even a fixed return asset class has risks like interest rate change in the market, default by the issuer, etc. Fixed deposits absorb some amount of the risk in terms of default, and […]

    Startups choose to ‘stay foolish’ today

    Ola said it was launching a hyperlocal news service, Ola News Network, so users could get news on “paneer ka price”. On Friday, cab aggregator Ola said it was launching a hyperlocal news service, Ola News Network, so users could get news on “paneer ka price” or the local weather. Calls to the company have yielded rather opaque responses […]

    How Your Business Can Stay Ahead of the Game With Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence holds great promise for everything from employee productivity to marketing campaign success. With early implementations of technologies such as predictive analytics, about half of the companies in three major business regions — western Europe, Asia/Pacific and the United States — plan to adopt some form of AI within the next five years. While […]

    Now Hear This: Podcasts are Here to Stay

    2017 has been a year of widespread change, but if there’s one certainty in the world of media, it’s that podcasts are here to stay. Not only has ad revenue grown 85% year on year, but from 2012 to 2015 the sheer number of podcasts in existence has more than doubled. That’s no small feat, […]

    How To Stay Motivated Longer, With A Little Help From Science

    We have more motivation available to us than we think, suggests a new study, but finding it requires challenging a few assumptions and rethinking how we organize our time. The study kept daily tabs on about 16,000 volunteers who completed a series of tasks over several months using an online learning platform. Observing how the volunteers engaged the tasks throughout […]

    Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to start ‘Stay Tuned with Preet’ podcast, join brother’s media firm

    Ousted U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s next gig will include a podcast. The former prosecutor — fired by President Trump in March — will soon host a program titled, “Stay Tuned With Preet.” The podcast will stick to Bharara’s strong suit: corruption, fraud and criminal justice, according to Cafe, the website that will host the program. […]

    3 ways to stay motivated to achieve your goals

    Setting your goals is the first and most fundamental step. However, what comes after that step is more important. To set your well-set plan into motion, you need the motivation to get up and get working towards the same goals on a daily basis. You are bound to face a number of predictable and unpredictable […]