Why are Podcasts becoming so popular?

    With NPR pulling in tens of millions of dedicated U.S. listeners and hundreds of millions of listeners worldwide, what is appealing about podcasts? A few members of the University were polled, and the most common answers were selectable field of interest, specific guests/hosts and comedic value. One problem with television news which podcasts do not […]

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    Why Is It So Hard to Leave the Narcissist in Your Life?

    Source: Jess Watters/Pexels I am seeing more and more people in my office who tell me some version of the following story: I used to be a really confident and mentally healthy person. I had a good job, lots of friends, and I was happy most of the time.  Now I am a total wreck. I can’t […]

    The Best Podcasts of 2017 (So Far)

    Halfway into the year, it’s a pretty damn interesting time for podcast fans. There’s a lot happening in the upper echelons of podcasting, and I’ve been tasked with assembling a list of the best shows released so far. In the spirit of acknowledging how bonkers this task is — finding the cream of the crop in […]

    Best Podcast Episodes of 2017 So Far

    Podcasts are experiencing yet another renaissance in 2017. Missing Richard Simmons and S-Town filled the Serial-shaped gap in true crime fans’ hearts, even while they stirred controversy. When it came to interviews, hosts coaxed revelations out of the likes of Kevin Durant, Alec Baldwin and Barry Jenkins. A handful of podcasts helped process the election: […]

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    Why Are Angel Investors So Undiversified?

    The Angel Capital Association’s latest research effort, the American Angel Campaign, highlights how woefully undiversified the typical angel investor is. The median angel made just two investments in 2015, the research effort’s initial analysis reveals, and had made only ten investments in his or her lifetime. This is a huge problem. As super-angel David S. […]

    Why Hyperlocal Advertising Works So Well for Local Businesses

    If we listen to conventional wisdom, businesses should be using TV, radio and online banner ads to attract new customers. But when it comes to local businesses, these channels simply aren’t as effective as turning to local marketing. Many local businesses are finding that hyperlocal advertising — in any media channel that is primarily focused […]

    If Google Has a Mobile First Strategy, So Should You

    There is a tendency within the digital sphere to uphold a future-oriented mindset. From social media to SEO, from algorithms to user experience, our approach and practices maintain a forecasting nature. Trends and methods are always observed and developed with the next step in mind and the future in sight, the end goal being to […]

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    The (not so) Magnificent Seven

    The (not so) Magnificent Seven Dear filmmakers attempting remakes: make your own movies, don’t insult the ones that came before you Sandipan Deb A few weeks ago, I had the terrible misfortune of watching the recent remake of The Magnificent Seven. Of course, it was entirely my fault. No one had coerced me into going […]