6 podcasts that will make you smarter over Thanksgiving break

    One of the best ways to make smarter decisions in your personal and professional life is to hear how other successful people are making it happen. That’s why podcasts are becoming a favorite way to get inside the minds of some of today’s top business leaders. To join the trend and get a head start […]

    10 Mobile Apps Guaranteed to Make You a Smarter Employer

    When it comes to managing employees, every small business owner wants a leg up. Thanks to technology, there are many mobile apps for business, for both mobile phones and tablets, that can help you do more, no matter where you are. 1. Basecamp When I have multiple projects running simultaneously, Basecamp helps me assign tasks […]

    wondering Cap: Podcasts, Articles And Clips To Make You Smarter

    some morning proposal, career alternatives your careers consultant possibly in no way advised and theactual fitness advantages of yoga (that don’t require high-priced pants), all on this week’s Lifehackerthinking Cap! Welcome to Lifehacker’s wondering Cap, a brand new series where we round up exciting, informative andthought–scary podcasts. those interviews, articles and other media will train […]

    This Week’s Best Podcasts, Articles And Clips To Make You Smarter

    Wear headphones in the office without getting scowls, hear about the northernmost land action in the civil war and learn how to sound smart when speaking in public in this, the inaugural edition of Lifehacker’s Thinking Cap. Title gif by Nick Criscuolo. Welcome to Lifehacker’s Thinking Cap, a new series where we round up interesting, […]