Kylie Jenner’s half-hour E! docuseries, Life of Kylie, premiered on Sunday, and based on a number of Twitter reactions, the show didn’t exactly deliver anything different than what’s already been hinted about on her social media accounts. However, there were a few head-scratching takeaways from the first two episodes that aired. She Suffers From Lamborghini Guilt While most […]

    14 Quotes From the Show House That Sum Life up Pretty Well

    If I were to do a ranking of my all-time favorite television characters, Gregory House would probably be in my top 5.  There’s never been a smarter, crass, cocky, egotistic, yet all of us clinging to the hope that there’s a sense of decency and humanity (which there is) kind of a guy than Dr. […]

  • Wider Image – London’s Chelsea Flower Show in full bloom

    Britain’s most prestigious flower show is taking place this week with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of floral delights from Alium to Zantedeschia. The highlight of Britain’s horticultural calendar, the annual Chelsea Flower Show in London’s sprawling Royal Hospital complex features a host of elaborate gardens designed by experts and is famous for its unusual […]

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    How Scrum developer is going to be develop company’s show

    Scrum team is treated to be the most important player for a company. Many of the new professional in the system wonder for the reason of this popularity. Just go through the details of the team and its management process. You will learn soon, why they are preferred by all other professionals and the companies. […]

    10 Ways To Maximize Your Trade Show Marketing Investment

    Trade show marketing is certainly an investment. From the cost of securing a space on the trade show floor, to the trade show display itself, there are a lot of items on your list to plan for in order to have a successful show. But those are not the only investments you need to consider. […]

    Dirty Secrets of Small Business Revealed in New Radio Show

    First time business owners often struggle to find their footing when setting up a new enterprise. Each hurdle presents new questions, and sometimes aspiring entrepreneurs haven’t got anywhere to turn to find answers. Business partners Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter have set out to change that through their weekly radio show. Airing every Monday, Dirty […]

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    10 Ways to Make the Most of an Unprofitable Show or Market

    Not all shows and markets are created equal. Sure, you can (and should!) do a lot of research on the track record of any show before committing, but even with all the advance research in the world, there is no guarantee that the show will get a lot of traffic, and even then, no guarantee […]

    Neymar gets a threat to show his worth in London

    Sao Paulo: Neymar’s motivation to end up certainly one of Brazil’s best gamers, the one predicted to guide the group to its first Olympic gold medal, isn’t any secret. The younger guy with the scoring touch says it out loud for every person to listen: It’s a love affair. A love affair with football. A […]