• Maggie O’Farrell: ‘I’ve revealed the secrets I’ve spent my life hiding’

    In an average year, Maggie O’Farrell comes close to death several times. Seized with terror, she dials 999 and is rushed to hospital in a white-knuckle dash that navigates the border of life and death. Breathing becomes impossible, the skin bubbles and blisters; as consciousness fades, cardiac arrest can be just minutes away. The death O’Farrell must […]

    Secrets to Success as an Entrepreneur with Guy Kawasaki

    Entrepreneurship has long been lauded as an idyllic escape from structure for born-geniuses. It’s time to dispel the mystery clouding entrepreneurship and replace it with sound data. And who better to bring the truth than Guy Kawasaki. This is the guy whose name is synonymous with big. He helped market the first Apple Mac line […]

    Startups 101: 5 cash flow secrets you need to know

    You might have a great business model, but if you don’t pay attention to your startup’s cash flow, you’re setting yourself up for imminent danger. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses think of cash flow for the very first time when they hit trouble. Good cash flow management, in layman terms, means understanding every inflow […]

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    The Secrets of the SBA Impact on Lending

    Lending for small businesses has undergone some major changes in the past few years. Before the economic downturn of 2008, fiscally responsible small business owners had no problem finding startup or expansion capital but since then, things have changed. Recent studies (PDF) by national and regional organizations show a 20 percent decrease in small business loans […]

    Dirty Secrets of Small Business Revealed in New Radio Show

    First time business owners often struggle to find their footing when setting up a new enterprise. Each hurdle presents new questions, and sometimes aspiring entrepreneurs haven’t got anywhere to turn to find answers. Business partners Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter have set out to change that through their weekly radio show. Airing every Monday, Dirty […]

    Stop That Revolving Door: Secrets to Retain Good Employees

    Finding great employees is only half the battle when it comes to building a quality team for your small business. You also have to learn how to keep good employees. You can’t just assume that the employees at your business are happy and likely to stick around no matter what. In fact, according to an […]

    Mindful and Manageable Success Secrets

    We all want to be successful, but finding the energy necessary to get moving on our ideas and projects can sometimes pose an obstacle. It’s totally normal to experience days when you just don’t want to get out of bed. Modern life is extremely demanding — our jobs, relationships, families, and financial responsibilities can overwhelm […]