Justin Drown’s true crime podcast, Obscura, always seemed to garner positive reviews. For the first year he hosted the show, Drown says it “overwhelmingly” earned five-star marks from fans. That changed in July. Suddenly, Obscura was inundated with hundreds of one-star reviews on Apple Podcasts. His overall rating fell from five, to four, to around three and a half […]

    Better Business Bureau Reviews, LinkedIn Apps and More

    It’s the end of another week. What are you missing that can make your business better? One thing may be that all-important news and information to help you grow your business in the future…and maybe make important decisions just around the corner. No worries. The Small Business Trends editorial team is here to help. And […]

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    Matt Damon shares reviews Which Helped Him shape His existence

    HIGHLIGHTS Matt Damon was talking on the Institute of generation in Cambridge Matt Damon shared his stories of his auditions with Ben Affleck “don’t believe the hype that is thrown at you,” said Matt Damon Actor Matt Damon stated that he has no issues about failing as he feels it has fashioned him extra than […]

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    Finally, a writer reviews his own book (because no one else will)

    19.1K Total Views I am a modern-day Indian writer. Yes, I write books. But in my meteoric journey through literosphere – from unpublished author living in obscurity in Chennai to semi-comatose writer of three triumphantly unsuccessful books living in obscurity in Chennai – it has come to be that I do many other things with […]