Why Employees Quit Startups: A Reality Check

    The world of startups is an ever evolving one. The lives of those who work at these hubs of excitement, creativity, and fun are never boring. Countless fresh graduates dream of entering this wonderland the minute they are done with college and startups are increasingly beating their corporate counterparts by becoming preferred employers. While all of […]

    Not Every Entrepreneur Thinks You Should Quit Your Job

    Entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular with more people looking to start their own business. Many see entrepreneurship as acquiring professional freedom, having the ability to choose their own salaries, work on their own projects and run a business the way they want to. However, entrepreneurship is about more than just having spare money and time. In the not-so-distant past, it […]

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    How to Quit Smoking: 10 Easy Ways to Resist Tobacco Cravings

    Highlights Drink plenty of liquids during the first three days of quitting Whenever the urge of smoking arises, brush your teeth. Practice deep breathing on a daily basis to resist smoking Smoking kills 7 million people every year Smoking is not a disease and does not need medication. A smoker needs an ecosystem of support, guidance, […]

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    George Osborne to quit as MP for Tatton at election

    Media captionOsborne on his ‘political ups and downs’ Former chancellor George Osborne says he is quitting the House of Commons “for now”. The Conservative MP for Tatton said he was “very excited” about becoming the new editor of London’s Evening Standard newspaper. He told his local Tory party he would be using the role to […]

    6 Millennials Who Quit Their Day Jobs Share How They Did It

    For many full-time employees, millennials in particular, joining the gig economy is an alluring prospect. Understandably so. Being a member of the gig economy, while potentially risky, affords many of us the opportunity to quit our “real” jobs and travel the world while earning a living with unparalleled flexibility. Or, it can create a more appealing […]

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    Sangakkara and Jayawardene are set to quit ODIs after the 2015 world Cup.

    Sri Lanka’s mystery Motivation at global Cup: The Emerald Island’s Jewels (Jayawardene and Sangakkara) Sangakkara and Jayawardene are set to quit ODIs after the 2015 world Cup. in the 2011 global Cup, Yuvraj Singh stated ‘i’m gambling this match for a special man or woman. Thatunique man or woman usually comes into my thoughts every […]

    Mukesh Bansal to leave Flipkart; Ankit Nagori to also quit

    Mukesh Bansal, the head of Flipkart’s commerce platform, will leave by April. Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint Bengaluru: Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, who are among the most powerful executives at Flipkart Ltd, have resigned to start their own ventures, leaving co-founder Binny Bansal firmly in control of the country’s largest e-commerce company. Mukesh, the head of […]