Why are Podcasts becoming so popular?

    With NPR pulling in tens of millions of dedicated U.S. listeners and hundreds of millions of listeners worldwide, what is appealing about podcasts? A few members of the University were polled, and the most common answers were selectable field of interest, specific guests/hosts and comedic value. One problem with television news which podcasts do not […]

    Player motivation, part 2: Popular psychological models

    Instead of intro Hello my name is Andrii Goncharuk, but you can call me Andy, I’m a game designer working in Ubisoft, and to be honest… I’m lost right now… From part one we established a lot of things and found out how our memory and emotions works, but why? What it gives? —   *disclaimer* […]

    Why Podcasts Are Popular (And 4 Content Lessons To Learn From Them)

    In case you weren’t aware, podcasts are seeing an enormous surge in popularity. At least 112 million Americans have listened to podcasts, a figure up 11 percent from last year, with 67 million listening to podcasts at least monthly. Content producers and advertisers both are clamoring for more visibility (or listenability) in the space, and there’s […]

    Buzz Suggests That Podcasting Is Becoming More Popular

    Podcasting has been an integral part of my content marketing strategy since 2009. This medium has opened up more doors and connections and established my professional credibility, more than just about any marketing platform that I have used. By definition, a podcast is: “A type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio, video, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed […]

    Flipkart remains India’s most popular e-commerce brand

    Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint Bengaluru: Flipkart is still India’s most popular e-commerce brand, though arch-rival Amazon India is nipping at its heels after racing past Snapdeal in the quarter ended March, a survey found. According to the RedSeer E-tailing Leadership Index (ELI), Flipkart with a score of 91 was marginally ahead of Amazon at 87, while […]

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    Popular BitTorrent Client Transmission Now Available for Windows

    Popular BitTorrent client Transmission is finally available for Windows users. The open-source app, which has been present on OS X and Linux for years, was released for users of Microsoft’s desktop platform recently. Transmission is a community-driven application that offers a “fast, easy, and free” downloading experience. Used by millions of users, the Windows application […]