The next corporate collaboration tool: podcasts?

    Interest in podcasts has grown in recent years: 44 per cent of people in the U.S. have listened to a podcast at some point, according to Edison Research, while 26 per cent do so at least once a month now. But while podcasts may be gaining ground in the car or at home, the streaming […]

    Six podcasts to keep your kids off screens during the school holidays

    PHOTO: Podcasts could be the key to keeping you and the kids sane during the school holidays. (Unsplash: Alireza Attari) RELATED STORY: Meet Australia’s unsung female trailblazers If you’ve got kids between 8 and 18-years-old, you’ll know all about Fortnite. With 40 million players, it’s the latest gaming craze which has kids hooked. With media reports suggesting kids […]

    Pod-tastic: The top science podcasts to make you smarter

    OPINION: Science at school used to send me to sleep but thanks to podcasting – and my competitiveness at pub quizzes – my appetite for listening to science based content has been revived. Cutting through the swathe of true crime and lifestyle podcasts, there’s now a whole host of science podcasts with an educational skew that are […]

  • The week in radio and podcasts: PM; The Grenfell Tower Inquiry; The Home Babies

    New show on LBC: Eddie Mair. Photograph: Ken McKay/ITV/Rex/Shutterstock PM | BBC Radio 4 The Grenfell Tower Inquiry | BBC Radio 4 PM podcast The Home Babies | BBC Radio 4 PM podcast Eddie Mair is leaving PM and many will be bereft. Including my mum, who phones me to talk about it. I tell her that he’s starting a new show in September […]

    9 Money Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

    Shutterstock Does the thought of a financial podcast summon images of your college accounting professor droning on and on in a too-warm lecture hall? Well, it is time to ditch the flashback. Because these top podcasts won’t put you to sleep at the wheel. I’ve rounded up the best money podcasts that are as entertaining […]

    ndian Express is getting into the audio podcasts game

    The Indian Express is doing podcasts now. The group is launching with eight shows, to begin with, and is doing both news shows and in-depth thematic programming. For instance, a show titled “Water” will look at the politics and history of how water is distributed and used in agriculture in India. The Express Adda podcast, an extension […]

    How to Play Google Podcasts Everywhere—Including iOS

    Image: Google Do you podcast? Google has a new app out for Android that’s ready to download and play all your favorite pods. While the functionality is a little on the bare-bones side for now, it does have one ace up its sleeve—the ability to play your podcasts across all your devices with the help of Google […]

    Podcasts : Sound byte of millennials

    The concept of listening to episodic series of digital audio has caught the attention of Gen-Y, who are always looking for engaging content. Listeners claim, they enjoy listening to podcasts on history, pop culture, fiction, finance, technology, etc while stuck in traffic, doing mundane tasks or exercising. BENGALURU:Radhika Dutt, a 25-year-old chartered accountant, travels between […]

    Incredible pop music podcasts you need to subscribe to

    f the internet has taught us anything, there’s now more than one way to enjoy the music that we listen to. Rather than just consume it as it is, nowadays we seek out articles online that pick through a song or album’s themes, the references in videos, or what an artist is saying about their […]

  • 18 podcasts to listen to while stuck in 2018 Memorial Day traffic

    With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, it’s time we accept the inevitable. We’re all going to be stuck in traffic. No matter where we are. No matter how far in advance we plan for it. Whether it’s to the beach or to the pool, to granny’s or to graduation ceremonies at the University of Delaware. The […]