Silicon Valley: A Peek Behind the Veil of Young Entrepreneurs

    Wall Street Journal reporter Alexandra Wolfe peels back the mystique of Silicon Valley, where hordes of young entrepreneurs are hoping to strike it rich while changing the world, in her new book Valley of the Gods: A Silicon Valley Story. She follows the exploits of three promising young entrepreneurs who received $100,000 each to drop […]

    Sneak Peek at WordPress 4.0

    WordPress 4.0 is slated to be released August 27, 2014. A beta version of this new release of the popular content management system is available for testing. We took it for a spin recently to find out what differences you might encounter as you make the transition to WordPress 4.0 from WordPress 3.9 later this month. […]

    The “Metropocalypse” Podcast Is a Peek Into WAMU’s destiny

    WAMU’s Metropocalypse podcast debuted Monday, and it’s a fifteen-minute take a look at the shakypresent and hazy destiny of Washington’s public delivery machine. The show is likewise a peek into thedestiny of WAMU itself, which has gone through a foundational reorganization in recent months and is attempting to reach a larger audience via media beside […]