• Paul Kelly: Life Is Fine review – some of his best songs in years

    In the A–Z of Paul Kelly’s career – something he spent some 550 pages discussing in his excellent “mongrel memoir” How to Make Gravy, which obliquely discussed in alphabetical order the inspirations, motivations and memories lurking behind more than 100 of his songs – attention always turns back to his third album, Post, the one […]

    Paul Allen’s space organization Nears Debut of world’s biggest aircraft

    With a wingspan of 385 feet (117 m), the six-engine plane can be larger than Howard Hughes’ 1947 H-fourHercules and the Antonov An-225. MOJAVE, CALIFORNIA: HIGHLIGHTS Paul Allen intends to launch satellites in orbit in international‘s biggest aircraft The six-engine plane has a wingspan of 385 toes meeting of the aircraft is seventy six percentage […]


    k, then, here’s a heads-up for what’s coming up on the Nerdist Podcast community this week, and itconsists of a special just for YOU: you know how Chris Hardwick’s Comedy relevant unique and album Funcomfortable debuted Saturdaynight? We’ll have a bonus just for you, the Nerdist Podcast subscriber and listener: the uncensored audio from the […]

    Paul Baard’s Motivation Matters: Better motivation for a better company

      Paul Baard’s Motivation Matters: Better motivation for a better company By PAUL BAARD While a firm might undertake many and varied initiatives to better motivate its workers, many of these techniques appear at the managerial level, specifically what supervisors can do to meet the psychological needs of employees. On a larger scale, an organization […]