A Good Habit For Serial Entrepreneurs, And Everyone Else, To Become Our Best Selves

    “This is just the speed at which I operate,” said serial entrepreneur Neil Grimmer in a recent interview with Inc. And as he’s charged from experience to experience, Grimmer’s personal passions have heavily influenced his professional life. Photo by Habit Neil Grimmer, a serial entrepreneur with a dedication to being his healthiest self and helping others achieve the […]

  • Women Entrepreneurs Are Not Victims of Our Choices

    I’m a huge fan of Gimlet and love their new Brooklyn-based podcast Startup. Yet, as a female tech entrepreneur (I’m the founder and CEO of Stride, a tech startup that’s self funded that my team and I have grown to 60 people in 3 years while I’ve battled cancer and raised 2 kids), a mother, […]

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    Introducing Steve King, Our Newest Expert

    Some of you already know Steve King from his blog, Small Biz Labs. Steve has been an active commenter here at Small Business Trends.  We also had him on the radio show last year, where he spoke about demographics and trends in the small business market.  He’s also  contributed two articles over at the American Express OPEN Forum as one of the […]

    3 Unexpected Ways Apps Are Changing Our Lives: What’s Next?

    Remember the “dark days” of 2006? A decade ago, we were still busy scrolling through email on our Blackberry phones. It was hard to imagine using our phones to summon on-demand rides, virtually deposit checks, stream music for free, or even find instant turn-by-turn directions to our destinations. A decade later, Apple’s mantra “there’s an app […]

    Our own points of View on ‘Hardcore Henry’

    Too often video game critics locate themselves responding to cinematic variations of video game homes, from great Mario Bros. to Tomb Raider. Hardcore Henry, but, gives us a hazard to don’t forget no longerhow properly a online game interprets to film, however how nicely a video game revel in and a video game factor of […]

    permit Ariana Grande and our favorite Celebuzz’d Podcast Episodes Rehydrate Your Weekend listen dangerously, sip responsibly.

    Do you earbuds sense a bit bit dry? if so, you must deal with them to an early satisfied hour with a mixedconcoction of our major Celebuzz’d podcasts to date — which feature discussions about pop culture and the Kardashian’s love for Velveeta cheese — after you concentrate through Ariana Grande’s today’salbum, risky female proper […]

    “Why not promote our podcasts like we do our own programs?”

    Finn and a friend at WVPB’s headquarters. NPR’s recent decision to not promote its podcasts in its radio newsmagazines got a lot of people talking about whether local stations are keeping NPR from embracing a digital-first future. On our podcast, we took a deeper dive into NPR-station dynamics in three conversations with station leaders. Host Adam […]