• Bags for life carry food poisoning risk if used for raw meat or fish

      Shoppers could colour-code or label bags to avoid cross-contamination, says Food Standards Agency. Photograph: Anthony Morgan/Alamy   Reusable “bags for life” can spread deadly food poisoning bacteria if they are used to carry raw foods such as fish and meat, consumers have been warned by the government’s food safety watchdog. In revised guidance on its website, […]

  • Are entrepreneurs born or made?

    Are you a big picture thinker like Steve Jobs? Photograph: Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is a dream that millions of people share. But what type of person do you have to be? Moreover, if you’re an investor, are some people better risks than others? How to be resilient: […]

    Is it Better to Invest in Startups Early or Late?

    In a recent blog post, venture capitalist Jason Lemkin made an interesting point about the valuation of seed stage companies. He said that the right valuation for a seed round is “one-third or less of what the next round investors will pay … If not, it’s a bad deal. It’s way too much risk versus the next round. […]

    How To Avoid SEO And UX Disasters When Migrating Or Redesigning Your Website

    POST WRITTEN BY Eric Samson Founder of Group8A, a boutique consulting firm focused on developing and executing integrated marketing and digital solutions. Migrating or redesigning a website can be a boon to any online business and their users. When doing so, there is ample opportunity to target and ameliorate issues that might be plaguing your users’ […]

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    App or Credit? Why Cash May be Replaced by Mobile Payments

    It is Monday morning in San Francisco, and you have just woken up late. To help in your rush to get to work on time, you use your favorite ride service app to pay for a driver to bring you to work. On the way to work, that pre-coffee, drowsy feeling starts to kick in, […]

  • 10 Home Shipping Must Haves for Your eBay, Etsy, Amazon or Shopify Business

    If you have an eCommerce business on eBay, Etsy, Amazon or Shopify, you probably have to deal with shipping on a pretty regular basis. That is assuming you don’t plan to use something like the Amazon Fulfillment Service. While the eCommerce shipping process isn’t always easy, it can be made much quicker if you have […]

    Learn How to Get Invited On Radio Shows or Host a Podcast

    Podcasts and radio shows are proven ways to gain business exposure.  If you’ve ever considered starting your own podcast or would like to learn how to get invited on radio and podcast shows, please join me in a free webinar. I’ve been host of my own Internet radio / podcast series for five years.  In […]

    Network in NYC Or Get Motivated in Des Moines

    You can network with other business leaders in New York City or Get Motivated in Des Moines this coming week. All you need is a plane ticket, some cab fare or maybe your own car — depending how far you live from each event. There are plenty of other business happenings of potential interest to […]

    Passion Leads to Success, Or Does it?

    “I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.” – Walt Disney Have you ever found yourself sitting at a table with someone who only talks about themselves excessively and their theories about life and business are juvenile, overly simplistic […]