Meet a battalion of women entrepreneurs

    After digital literacy, not-for-profit entity FREND is encouraging financial autonomy When women are given opportunities to learn and innovate, they blossom and take charge of their own lives. There could be no better example than the story of Aasiya Gawandi from Agar village of Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. The internet beckoned her to learn many skills, […]

    From grit to glory, the journey of women entrepreneurs

    The first person to ever win two Nobel Prizes, Marie Curie, the Polish scientist who discovered radioactivity, is a pioneer when it comes to women in technology. In 2009, New Scientistnamed Curie as the most inspirational woman in science. And looking back at the challenges she faced, this is no doubt a fitting accolade. In the […]

  • The biggest disasters in business history – podcasts of the week

    Kodak film. The company’s lurch towards bankruptcy in 2012 is profiled in Spectacular Failures. Photograph: Ian Waldie/Getty Images Talking points The platform where many users go to to listen to other people’s podcasts, Apple is now plotting to start making its own. According to Bloomberg, the tech giant is in conversation with media companies about creating […]

    The Neuroscience of Motivation: Why We Do What We Do [Infographics]

    What creates passion, loyalty, drive, peak performance and even love for one’s organization? Motivation. And what creates motivation? Well, it’s not a quick answer. In this blog, you’ll learn how to unpack the motivators beneath human behavior, to understand why we do what we do, and how to offer alternative behaviors that feel even better than the behaviors a person […]

    The story of how 45 entrepreneurs pooled together Rs 2,000 Cr to launch a tech university and make India future-ready

    Indian scriptures state River Saraswati, synonymous with learning, originated from a Plaksha (Sanskrit word for the ficus tree), which grew at the foothills of the Sivaliks. So, it made sense when Plaksha, which denotes a tree from which a river of learning flows, nurturing everything that it touches, was chosen as the name for a […]

    Lack of motivation: Does inflammation alter brain systems?

    Researchers from Emory University examine new evidence about how low-grade inflammation could impact a person’s level of motivation. This may also have implications for the treatment of some cases of depression. Researchers are taking a closer look at evidence directly connecting inflammation with a lack of motivation. The idea that depression or symptoms of depression are linked […]