NASA recreates conditions that led to origin of life

    Nasa’s study may offer insights into possible habitats in the cosmos which could host alien life. Astrobiologists have recreated their own mini seafloor vents where life started in the ocean 4 billion years ago. (@NASA)  |  Photo Credit: Twitter Washington: NASA scientists have recreated the conditions in which life formed deep in the Earth’s ocean four billion […]

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    NASA Administrator: Alien Life Is More Likely Than We Thought

    Thomas Zurbuchen, the associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission directorate, says it’s likely that there’s life beyond Earth. “Is there life beyond Earth? I think the answer is yes — but we just don’t know,” Zurbuchen said during an interview at Boston University. “The simple reason I think so is because we underestimated nature when we […]

    NASA Says It Will Start Licensing Technology to Startups

    Could NASA be looking for funding to gear up for a trip to Mars? Public interest in manned missions to Mars has been a fantasy for decades and is slowly becoming a reality. Riding the wave of enthusiasm, NASA has tentative plans for missions to Mars and the asteroid belt. But with the government’s $18 […]

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    NASA closer Than Ever To Sending US Astronauts To Mars

    NASA is on a adventure to Mars and a brand new consensus is rising around our plan, vision and timetable for sending American astronauts to the red Planet within the 203(report image) WASHINGTON: NASA is closer than ever to sending American astronauts to Mars inside the 2030s and is empowering US marketers and innovators to […]

    Nasa Releases Dozens of Patents Into the general public domain

    In a pass that might immensely advantage personal space technology agencies, Nasa has released 56previously patented organisation technologies into the general public domain, making its authorities–advanced technologies freely available for unrestricted commercial use. “by liberating this collection into the public area, we are encouraging entrepreneurs to discover newways to commercialise Nasa technologies,” Daniel Lockney, Nasa’s […]

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    First character: NASA scientist on how Earth is tipping (and spinning slowly) due to weather alternate

    think about how weather change affects earth and a few obvious answers come to mind: Rainfall styleswill alternate, sea temperatures will upward thrust, extra corals will bleach, planetary wind structures willchange, the variety of extreme weather activities will upward thrust… but a paper published remaining month in medical journal ScienceAdvances, introduced any other tradeto what […]

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    The distinct sunglasses of Mars: NASA exhibits new photographs of the crimson Planet

    The red Planet isn’t all red. clean photos launched by NASA suggests that Mars is flush with differentcolors too, such as rich shades of blue and beige. The photographs of the planet’s northwest location Nili Fossae were taken through the excessivedecision Imaging technological know-how experiment digital camera set up on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. “the […]