This One Piece of Advice Shaped My Entire Career

    I’ve had excellent mentors and managers in my career from whom I’ve learned a tremendous amount, sometimes through advice and more often through observation. But work is not so separate from the rest of life as many people believe or wish it to be, so career advice, or at least the lessons that stick with […]

    Returns on my investments

    Various asset classes give different returns, which is why a portfolio must have an ideal mix on investments. Here are returns across four assets types (returns in %). Click here for enlarge [“Source-livemint”]

  • How I let drinking take over my life

     I had my last drink five years ago, in the early hours of the morning on 1 January 2013. I think it might have been around 2am. I wouldn’t have described myself as drunk. I would have said I’d had a few drinks. But I was drunk. If I had tried to drive, or write, or give […]

  • LIFE
    The Dealer Who Saved My Life

    Sometimes when I dream, I imagine the sky over Harlem is a lofty arc of stained glass. A dusted copper heaven streaked with gold and siphoned from Klimt’s aureate imagination. A profanely ornate firmament raining down with the cherubic drug dealers I grew up with in the 1970s. A legion of natty angels, felled by […]

  • Rupert Everett: ‘I was living in terror for my life when Aids began’

    In one way, Quacks is a natural place to find Rupert Everett. The keenly British comedy has “something of the Carry On, Stanley Baxter era” about it, he says – a sharp, playful script; a generous, gracious ensemble cast also featuring Rory Kinnear and Mathew Baynton; very accurate historical detail, such as Everett’s thunderous physician trying […]

  • Maggie O’Farrell: ‘I’ve revealed the secrets I’ve spent my life hiding’

    In an average year, Maggie O’Farrell comes close to death several times. Seized with terror, she dials 999 and is rushed to hospital in a white-knuckle dash that navigates the border of life and death. Breathing becomes impossible, the skin bubbles and blisters; as consciousness fades, cardiac arrest can be just minutes away. The death O’Farrell must […]

  • My husband is struggling with my career success

    Your husband has things he needs to tackle; he is in charge of his own life and you are not the answer to his issues My husband and I have been in the same business and initially we were both considered “talents”. Those early years were blissful as we did performances (we are both in creative […]


    For a while there I had a nice balance. I could juggle the books and TV and films everyone was talking about without breaking a sweat. But then podcasts landed on the scene and the list of things that I was meant to be keeping on top of suddenly seemed almost comically long. But there […]