How Can I Recharge My Depleted Motivation?

    Even the most motivated people run out of steam sometimes. Maybe you’re exhausted or feel as though your creativity has been depleted, but for whatever reason, you can’t get your act together. Here are a few strategies for recharging your motivation. — Dear Lifehacker, Lately I’ve been completely unmotivated to do anything. Getting things done […]

    5 Tips to Keep Team Motivation Going During a Pivot

    Companies evolve; it’s in their nature. To be successful and keep employees motivated, companies have to react to the market, stay on top of what customers want, and keep up with the competition. However, some changes are more significant than others, to the extent that a company may change its direction or pivot. Eric Ries, the author […]

  • Motivation for Creation

    Ominous forecasts speculate that technological innovations will replace many occupational opportunities. To combat this looming calamity, creativity is being hailed as the skill of the future. Humans who conceptualize various alternatives to solve problems in original ways will likely excel and flourish. What is Creativity? Understanding the rapidly evolving field of creativity is complex, but a basic […]

  • Motivation Matters: What goes wrong with teams?

    Large and small businesses have come to value the benefits of taking a team approach across the board. From creative brainstorming to adaptive problem-solving, well-constructed teams bring to bear the kind of collaborative thinking and acting needed in today’s uber-competitive marketplace. Teamwork and team building are two heavily studied areas when looking at the performance […]

    How To Keep Productivity High When Motivation Is Low

    I consider myself a highly motivated individual. I often have no problem connecting to my ambition when it comes to getting work done. However, we all inevitably go through periods when our energy is at an all-time-low, we feel removed from the work we’re doing and we’d rather be on vacation (or in bed watching Netflix) […]

    Vigilance And Motivation: The Keys To Retirement Success

    I’ve mentioned it before, but it surely bears repeating — successful retirement is about re-building your life from the ground up, replacing the structure and sense of purpose that is lost when you leave the workforce. To speed this process along, there are two rules to keep in mind – keep vigilant and stay motivated. […]

    What Is Motivation And How Can You Get More Of It?

    Motivation — it’s one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around among self-help circles. It’s like the catch-all cure for all your ailments. Struggling in life? Get motivated! Want a better relationship? Try a healthy dose of motivation! Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work that way. Although we might someday be heading toward a cyberpunk-esque future-world […]

    The Neuroscience of Motivation: Why We Do What We Do [Infographics]

    What creates passion, loyalty, drive, peak performance and even love for one’s organization? Motivation. And what creates motivation? Well, it’s not a quick answer. In this blog, you’ll learn how to unpack the motivators beneath human behavior, to understand why we do what we do, and how to offer alternative behaviors that feel even better than the behaviors a person […]

    Motivation Is The Only Tool To Tackle Money Matters

    The fact is true that money matters need a calculative approach, wise financial decisions and patient attitude. However, these qualities can never stay for long in your nature if you are not feeling motivated. Right? You discontinue doing things in which you do not feel inspired and energised. Even if that continues, that is because […]

    There’s no such thing as motivation

    I’m not highly motivated. I don’t have amazing willpower or self-control. I don’t get up at 6 am to read, meditate, drink a green smoothie, and run 10 kilometres. That’s because I don’t believe in motivation. Instead, I’ve built systems and habits that remove my internal drive from the equation. So, whether or not I feel […]