The 8 Most Expensive Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

    Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to cut costs and maximize value. They may think of legal services as an unnecessary expense and try to get away with using DIY forms on the internet rather than seeking the advice and expertise of a qualified attorney. This strategy could prove to be very expensive down the […]

    7 Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes You Can Avoid

    The failure rate for startups over time is staggering, something that can be disheartening for people planning to start their own business. This means that learning a thing or two about what entrepreneurs that came before you learned from their challenges can help you avoid disastrous mistakes. This can be as vital as figuring out what you need to do before expanding sales, […]

    5 Mistakes That Young Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

    Young entrepreneurs always have high expectations when entering business ventures. They are motivated and eager to succeed, but success often does not come that quickly. The world of business is very competitive, so you have to follow certain strategies for success. Patience and discipline is the key, and these two virtues are often neglected. If […]

    5 Mistakes Millennial Entrepreneurs Make With Money

    Building a new company isn’t easy. Only a fraction of the startups founded each year survive for five years, and even fewer are run by young entrepreneurs. Business leaders who have experience running companies tend to be more likely to found a successful startup than first-timers — which many millennials are. That being said, there […]

    How Business Owners Can Avoid Hiring Mistakes

    GLENVIEW, IL (PRESS RELEASE – July 1, 2009) – It’s every business owner’s nightmare. After spending time and money to fill a job opening, the candidate you hired turns out to be a dud – maybe even a danger to fellow employees and customer relations. According to a recent survey from online payroll provider SurePayroll, […]

  • LIFE
    3 Guest Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

    As an editor for several blogs that accept guest posts I see a lot of the same mistakes made over and over. If you are hoping to become a guest blogger for a particular site, I recommend you review the following mistakes and avoid them. Failure to Research What the Blog is About Blogs that […]

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    Is your business committing these SEO mistakes?

    Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO seems to be an integral part of all businesses. Be it a start-up or an established player, SEO is that tool which leverages the website traffic and generates hundreds and thousands of visits every day. To demonstrate a strong SEO presence, most businesses flaunt a string of […]

    These Mistakes are Hurting Your Small Business Communications

    How companies communicate with their customers is the key factor in determining if they will have a positive buying experience and when they will come back to purchase again. The single biggest competitive weapon that small businesses have over large competitors in this area is the use of technology. Big companies are slow to switch […]

    Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Big Data Firm

    You have been thinking about this great idea on Big Data. You are convinced in your heart of hearts that this is indeed what the world needs. Why, you think, isn’t the timing just right? Big Data is no more in hype cycle; it is clearly now mainstream.Everyone is collecting so much data that they […]