Marianne Williamson Loves Spreading Fake Quotes From Albert Einstein

    Democratic presidential candidate and self-help author Marianne Williamson is on the defensive. In her latest tweet she says that she’s “not a cult leader” and “not anti-science.” She even says that the idea she’s anti-science is laughable because she quotes Albert Einstein so much. The only problem? Many of the supposed Einstein quotes that Williamson […]

    Kelly Rowland loves dancing to Punjabi tune

    AMERICAN SINGER KELLY ROWLAND HAS MADE MANY fanatics SWAY TO HER SONGS but individuallySHE LOVES DANCING TO PUNJABI TRACKS AND won’t thoughts working IN INDIAN movies. American singer Kelly Rowland has made many lovers sway to her songs however in my view she loves dancing to Punjabi tracks and won’t mind operating in Indian movies. […]

  • They’re all talk, but it seems everyone loves a podcast

    Baseball guru Billy Beane listens to Football Weekly and he was portrayed in a movie by Brad Pitt, which almost certainly means Angelina Jolie listens to Football Weekly. Illustration: Cameron Law Something fairly remarkable happened in Dublin last Tuesday. On a chilly March school night, just shy of one thousand people converged on Vicar Street […]