This is What an Ideal Entrepreneur Would Look Like

    In my decade-long journey as an angel investor, first with Info Edge where we invested in several start-ups – duds, failures and rare successes and later my own,  Choosing the right start-up was as much about the idea as about the team. How does one choose, from the pool of innovative and disruptive ideas spearheaded […]

  • To look on the bright side of life, Britain should copy Finland

    Helsinki Restaurant Day, a traditional street food festival in Finland, which again topped the world happiness index. Photograph: eugenesergeev/Getty Images How can we be more Finnish? Last week, the World Happiness Report found that the Finns are officially the world’s happiest people for the second year running. Meanwhile, the UK has – improbably perhaps – risen five […]

    Motivation is not just magic; start to look within

    Motivation is not just magic. It does not come in a bottle. Rather it should come from within. You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making. The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from […]

    LOOK: Miami has a ridiculous ‘Turnover Chain’ for motivation

    Miami has come up with an interesting way to incentivize players to force turnovers. Hurricanes’ defensive coordinator Manny Diaz introduced a “turnover chain” to his players on Saturday before the Bethune-Cookman game, according to a report from 247 Sports. “He told us this morning about the turnover chain,” linebacker Shaquille Quarterman said after the game. “It goes to whoever gets […]

    Top 5 Personality Traits Investors Look for in an Entrepreneur

    People often ask me what kind of personality traits successful entrepreneurs possess? I’ve always maintained a mental list, based on my observations over years of meeting with entrepreneurs who have founded, scaled and exited businesses. To explore this further, I thought it might be interesting to gather the perspectives of professional investors at venture capital funds […]

    Entrepreneurs Look (And Sound) Different Than You Think

    Manufacturing is sexy. Sounds crazy? Just wait! When I say creative, rarely does manufacturing come to mind. Yet making and manufacturing are the original forms of creation, and manufactured goods are at the core of our economy. Keeping manufacturing local is critical, not just for the direct jobs it creates, but for the induced economic […]

  • NEWS
    Justice (Nyaaya) made easy? Take a look

    Nyaaya.in is an initiative associated with the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, which works with the government on improving existing laws and drafting better laws. New Delhi: Nyaaya, a website to better understand laws, was supposed to launch on 26 January 2017. Its small five-member team decided to test a beta version this month. Social […]

    Policy terms can’t be changed during free look period

    iStockPhoto What are the important riders that can be bought with a basic term life plan? —Kunal Gupta Common riders available with a term life plan include: accidental death, permanent disability, and critical illness. Critical illness rider with a term plan is recommended. This helps avoid a separate pre-issuance medical check-up for a critical illness […]

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    Susan Sarandon’s Kids Were Greatly surprised to look Her Courting

    HIGHLIGHTS Actress Susan Sarandon opened approximately her love lifestyles She has daughter Eva and sons Miles and Jack from previous relationships The actress said that she is coaching them to grow to be more proper Oscar-triumphing actress Susan Sarandon’s has found out it was “shocking” for her Kids to see theirmom Dating once more. The […]

    playing video games collaboratively, competitively can enhance mastering: have a look at

    playing instructional video video games either competitively or collaboratively with some otherparticipant can beautify college students‘ motivation to study, a new examine has determined. while gambling a math online game collaboratively – compared to playing on my own – college studentsfollowed a mastery mind-set that is incredibly conducive to gaining knowledge of, researchers said. furthermore, […]