Stay Liquid, Stay on Top

    Fixed deposits may be one of the most popular investment products for risk-averse investors. However, fixed return investments are not entirely risk-free. “Even a fixed return asset class has risks like interest rate change in the market, default by the issuer, etc. Fixed deposits absorb some amount of the risk in terms of default, and […]

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    Liquid fund returns can decline with lower interest rates

    iStockPhoto I have been keeping money in bank recurring deposits (RDs) for my short-term goals. Are liquid funds a good option for such goals? —Chetan Singh Liquid funds are a good option to park your surplus money temporarily instead of allowing them to lie in your savings bank account as they typically deliver higher returns […]

    Acer Liquid Z630s Review

    After a long hiatus, Acer is taking another shot at the Indian smartphone market with two new budget offerings. The Taiwanese company recently announced the Liquid Z530 and Liquid Z630s Android smartphones, which we first saw at IFA 2015. The new offerings will be sold exclusively through Flipkart and will also be manufactured in India, […]

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    Videocon 40-inch Liquid Luminous Full-HD TV (KV40FH11CAH) Review

    Videocon is one of the oldest electronics conglomerates in India, and a trusted name when it comes to appliances. The company also now has significant presence in other industries, such as mobile phones, telecommunications, direct-to-home television services and large-format retail. But if there’s one thing the company is known for above all else, it is […]