20 Important LinkedIn Groups for Business

    If you want to connect with small business professionals like yourself, then one way to do it is by visiting LinkedIn Groups. They provide both resources and connections, but there is just one problem – there are so many of them. Just type “small business” into the LinkedIn search engine, and you will see how popular the […]

    Better Business Bureau Reviews, LinkedIn Apps and More

    It’s the end of another week. What are you missing that can make your business better? One thing may be that all-important news and information to help you grow your business in the future…and maybe make important decisions just around the corner. No worries. The Small Business Trends editorial team is here to help. And […]

  • Top 10 LinkedIn Errors You Can Easily Avoid (Video)

    LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) is the social media site to be on whether you’re selling B2B, raising funds for your startup, or looking for your next job. And, while it may take a bit of time to learn how to use all of LinkedIn and it’s many tools, it’s easy to set up a basic profile so you can start […]

  • You Can Use LinkedIn As a Landing Page and Facebook For Blogging

    Facebook’s 1 billion users and 552 million daily visits and LinkedIn’s recent 200 million member milestone (click the image for a full size infographic) and 25 million daily visits  have secured their top spot in our online professional and social networking world. They can also be powerful, resourceful ecosystems for business and professional advancement. The current […]

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    In the News: LinkedIn Launches Freelancer Marketplace, Facebook Adds Messenger Lite

    LinkedIn is already the premier social network for business owners and professionals. And now, the platform is adding a new freelance marketplace to help businesses find freelance workers and freelancers find work. Additionally, Facebook announced a change this week that could make its Messenger app accessible to more consumers around the world. Read about these […]