Remembering JJ: 10 inspirational quotes about love, loss and life

    Junaid Jamshed and his family were among the casualties of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PH-661, which crashed on its way back from Chitral to Islamabad on December 7, 2016. Even now, two years later, it’s hard to believe someone many of us grew up watching is no longer amongst us. The musician-turned-evangelist was and […]

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    Banking royal commission: AMP took life premiums from dead customers

    AMP has failed to refund nearly $1 million in life insurance premiums it charged to thousands of its superannuation members it knew were dead, the banking royal commission has heard. The commission heard on Monday it was AMP’s practice to charge dead people life insurance premiums and then refund those premiums rather than cutting off […]

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    Rooms uses marble and concrete to create Life On Earth furniture

    A marble table with a ball for a base and a collection of benches inspired by brutalist bus stops feature in this collection of furniture by Georgian design duo Rooms. Called Life On Earth, the collection consists of 12 handmade objects, made from a combination of natural stone and composite materials. According to Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia, founders of Tbilisi-based Rooms, the […]

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    Life Found A Way Just 10 Years After The Dinosaurs Were Wiped Out

    We all know that a massive asteroid smashed into Earth around 66 million years ago, giving dinosaurs a very bad day and destroying 75% of life on the planet. But scientists have now discovered that just ten years later, life had returned to the crater left by the impact and there was a thriving ecosystem […]

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    Weird Antarctic ice may explain how life endured on frozen Earth

    Millions of years ago, Earth was a frozen “snowball” Jason Edwards / Getty By Colin Barras How did complex life survive when the Earth turned into a giant snowball hundreds of million years ago? A bizarre region of “dirty” Antarctic ice, discovered a century ago by British explorer Captain Scott’s team, might hold clues. There is […]

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    Does Xi Jinping really want to be Chinese president for life?

    It’s been a momentous month in Chinese politics, but the move to abolish the presidential term limit has overshadowed all else. It took just two weeks – from the time it was announced to the near unanimous endorsement by the legislature – to make the most drastic revision to the state constitution since it was […]