5 Tips to Keep Team Motivation Going During a Pivot

    Companies evolve; it’s in their nature. To be successful and keep employees motivated, companies have to react to the market, stay on top of what customers want, and keep up with the competition. However, some changes are more significant than others, to the extent that a company may change its direction or pivot. Eric Ries, the author […]

    How To Keep Productivity High When Motivation Is Low

    I consider myself a highly motivated individual. I often have no problem connecting to my ambition when it comes to getting work done. However, we all inevitably go through periods when our energy is at an all-time-low, we feel removed from the work we’re doing and we’d rather be on vacation (or in bed watching Netflix) […]


    Justin Drown’s true crime podcast, Obscura, always seemed to garner positive reviews. For the first year he hosted the show, Drown says it “overwhelmingly” earned five-star marks from fans. That changed in July. Suddenly, Obscura was inundated with hundreds of one-star reviews on Apple Podcasts. His overall rating fell from five, to four, to around three and a half […]

    Six podcasts to keep your kids off screens during the school holidays

    PHOTO: Podcasts could be the key to keeping you and the kids sane during the school holidays. (Unsplash: Alireza Attari) RELATED STORY: Meet Australia’s unsung female trailblazers If you’ve got kids between 8 and 18-years-old, you’ll know all about Fortnite. With 40 million players, it’s the latest gaming craze which has kids hooked. With media reports suggesting kids […]

    Fostering motivation could keep marginalized girls in school

    Education—and girls’ education in particular—is often cited as one of the key pathways out of poverty, but in many parts of the world women and girls still face significant barriers that prevent them from attending school. Now, a field study in Malawi reveals psychological factors played an important role in whether girls attended school, even […]

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    Six Small Business Resolutions to Keep in 2017

    This time of year many of us share a longing to make a fresh start. With that in mind, here are six must-keep New Year’s resolutions that will help your small business stay strong, relevant and competitive in 2017 and beyond: 1. Find the right technology provider and build a relationship As a small business, […]

    Why Trump Might Keep the International Entrepreneur Rule

    Back in August, the Obama Administration proposed new regulations that would allow some foreign entrepreneurs to stay in the United States to build their companies. While President-Elect Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric has some worried that he will reverse this directive, I believe that Mr. Trump will keep this rule. To explain why, let me start by […]

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    How to Use Evernote to Help You Keep Your Blog Active

    Anyone that has a blog knows there are times that it is very difficult to come up with things to write about. Sometimes you just don’t have time to write, but need to create a post quickly. I am going to tell you how I use the free, non-business version of Evernote to keep blog […]