ndian Express is getting into the audio podcasts game

    The Indian Express is doing podcasts now. The group is launching with eight shows, to begin with, and is doing both news shows and in-depth thematic programming. For instance, a show titled “Water” will look at the politics and history of how water is distributed and used in agriculture in India. The Express Adda podcast, an extension […]

    Kasamba turned disability into agriculture motivation

    Back in 1996, former Kakuuto MP Mathias Kasamba was involved in a motor accident that took away his left arm. Since then, he has worked his way into politics but it is in farming that he feels his biggest success, writes SADAB KITATTA KAAYA. Kasamba’s expansive 700-acre piece of land stands out in Ttome, Kakuuto, […]

    Want to succeed in life? You must take the leap of faith into the unknown

    Most people spend a lot of time and energy trying to avoid risk at all costs. But the most successful people know that major breakthroughs in life, business, science, technology and even politics cannot occur without taking risk. I listened recently to a podcast called “When to Jump” where Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer […]

  • Women-led startup turns domestic abuse survivors into entrepreneurs

    Amonth ago Christine and her children were living in a shelter for survivors of domestic violence. Now she lives in her own apartment and runs a business selling aromatherapy products on the side while working as an admin assistant. She credits that transition to a not-for-profit called FreeFrom, which helps women who have left abusive partners launch […]

  • Into the void: the fast life and shocking death of a wingsuit-flying superstar

    ‘You are the bird, every twitch can move you this way or that’… Polli flies off Pedra da Gávea, near Rio de Janeiro, in a scene from Base. Photograph: Carlos Briceño Schütte One week after his wingsuit-flying partner died, Carlos Briceño Schutte launched himself into the void holding an inflatable pig. The drop from the Aiguille du […]

    Former Knoxville woman turns tragedy into motivation

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) To succeed in life, many believe in goals and sometimes it’s all about the motivation behind those goals. A woman, who grew up in Knoxville, is turning tragedy into motivation to meet those goals. Chanekka Pullen’s goal was to graduate college. In 2013 she was only one year away from getting her degree. […]

    5 Rules for Going Into Personal Debt as an Entrepreneur

    All businesses require money to get started. Even if you’re working with a bare-bones, one-person startup, you’ll still have to pay money for website hosting, business-name registration and the equipment you’ll need (like a workspace and a computer)  to run the business. The overall average cost to start a business is around $30,000 — and unless you’ve been in the […]

    10 Father’s Day quotes on how to turn setbacks into success

    A father can be named as a son’s “first hero” and a daughter’s “first love”. (Reuters) After listening to a Mother’s Day sermon at a church in 1909 a woman by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd came up with the idea of honouring and celebrating her father. It was then the concept of Father’s […]