7 Entrepreneurs Shaking Up The Food Industry

    More than $1 billion was invested in food industry startups in 2016.  This is hardly surprising when you realize that food sales in the U.S. total over $2 trillion. Within this immense category, consumers are increasingly interested in healthy foods that are local, organic, and minimally processed, companies that have a social and/or environmental mission, and […]

    How the podcast boom is reshaping the traditional audio streaming industry

    Originally suggested by Ben Hammersley as a portmanteau (a linguistic blend of words) of “iPod” and “broadcast”, the word “Podcast” is now a buzzword occupying every Indian audiophile’s list. With the penetration of mobile internet across multiple geographies in the Indian subcontinent, the past few years have witnessed the emergence of the podcast wave which […]

    How PPP model is Helping Indian Industry Projects Take a Lead

    Startups are paving way to innovation such that could, if partnered with, lead to the making India a global leader in terms of technology. Government-based projects in India are attracting high-end technological advancement proposed by the great minds of this country. Several startups that are focused on advanced technology for managing or optimizing infrastructure operations […]

    Genzyme founder, biotech entrepreneur and industry legend Henri Termeer dies

    Henri Ter­meer, one of the great­est and most suc­cess­ful vi­sion­ar­ies in biotech, has died. Ac­cord­ing to the Boston Globe, Ter­meer col­lapsed at his Mar­ble­head home on Fri­day evening. He was 71. Ter­meer’s legacy rests on grow­ing Gen­zyme into a world leader in or­phan drug R&D, de­vel­op­ing drugs for tiny pa­tient pop­u­la­tions, sav­ing lives and pi­o­neer­ing […]

    Why The Music Industry Is Finally Taking Podcasts Seriously

    LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 12: Solange Knowles speaks onstage during The 59th GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on February 12, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Solange is one of the latest guests on the music podcast Song Exploder, part of the Radiotopia Podcast Network. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) The podcast’s blessing may also be […]

    It Could Soon Be Easier for Small Businesses to Break Into the Pharmaceutical Industry (Watch)

    The Senate Is Fighting Against ‘Monopoly Business’ From Drug Companies Texas To Planned Parenthood: ‘Final Notice’ Of Medicaid Funding Cut The Scientific Reason Static Electricity Is Worse In Winter Here’s What A New NAFTA Could Look Like Competition is an essential part of running a business — but not for some pharmaceutical companies. The Senate […]

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    Virginia Governor Vetoed House Bill 18, Franchise Industry Fumes

    As the battle continues between National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the International Franchise Association (IFA) — a battle that started in August last year — Virginia is still struggling to push back a major NLRB ruling that redefined how the relationship between a corporation and its franchisees is viewed. On August 27 last year, the NLRB issued a ruling […]

    Internet Plays Key Role in Real Estate Industry

    The Internet increasingly plays a key role in the real estate sales industry, and this trend is expected to grow. According to a recent article by real estate professional John Mudd, more and more homebuyers are using the Internet in some portion of their buying process, either to locate property for sale or to educate […]

    Zillow and Changes to the Real Estate Industry

    Real estate site Zillow.com launched last week. Some are predicting that Zillow.com is going to hurt realtors. But wipe away those tears, realtors. Zillow.com is not going to have as big a negative impact on realtors as predicted. Zillow.com is a website where you can go to find an instant online valuation of over 60 […]