Canada named top nation for entrepreneurs doing good in global poll as US falls

    LONDON: Canada was named the best country for business leaders seeking to tackle social problems in a global poll on Tuesday while the United States fell from top slot due to political uncertainty. Australia came second in the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s second global survey on the best countries for social entrepreneurs, seeing the biggest gain of 24 places from the inaugural poll […]

    Why Entrepreneurs Should Be More Like Weeds in a Garden

    Want to be the top dog in your industry? You’ve got to believe in your service or product, know how to craft and hone an offer that kills, and be on a constant journey for improvement. But the top entrepreneurs in your industry know that you can plan all you want, research until there’s nothing […]

    20 inspirational quotes for women in their 20s

    The ‘roaring 20s’ is the time to be alive, as they say. It is a time to be adventurous and do all the things you want to – travel, fall in love, make practical decisions with regard to your career, and also make mistakes, and grow. It’s a great time to revel in the unexpected, and learn from myriad experiences. It is the time when you […]

  • The biggest disasters in business history – podcasts of the week

    Kodak film. The company’s lurch towards bankruptcy in 2012 is profiled in Spectacular Failures. Photograph: Ian Waldie/Getty Images Talking points The platform where many users go to to listen to other people’s podcasts, Apple is now plotting to start making its own. According to Bloomberg, the tech giant is in conversation with media companies about creating […]

    Giving A Boost To Entrepreneurs In North Omaha

    Julian Young went from drug dealer and dropout, to minister, to entrepreneurship coach. His Start Center for Entrepreneurship serves small business owners in North Omaha, Nebraska. COURTESY OF JULIAN YOUNG & COMPANY To teach others the ins and outs of entrepreneurship is to empower them to explore their potential and help themselves using their own […]

    The best music podcasts in 2019

    There are a number of popular genres in the podcasts market: true crime, comedy, sports, politics and technology among them. But music is also a thriving genre, with a variety of sub-formats exploring songs, artists and the culture around music. We’ve chosen some of the most popular and/or inventive shows, which make a great starting […]

    How Entrepreneurs From Developing Countries Can Succeed in Tech

    If you live in a small or developing country, it is easy to think that you will never be able to start a successful tech company. Two insurmountable barriers, you will convince yourself, are that these countries lack the skilled researchers to develop breakthrough tech products and the capital to get the products from concept […]