Without the Impact that Formed the Moon, We Might Not Have Life on Earth

    The Earth wasn’t formed containing the necessary chemicals for life to begin. One well-supported theory, called the “late veneer theory”, suggests that the volatile chemicals needed for life arrived long after the Earth formed, brought here by meteorites. But a new study challenges the late veneer theory. Evidence shows that the Moon was created when […]

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    Small Restaurants Likely Will Notice Impact of Chinese Aluminum Foil Tariff

    The Trump administration is considering a plan to tax aluminum foil imports from China after finding that the country is heavily subsidizing aluminum foil. Looming Aluminum Foil Tariffs The Department of Commerce could impose a reciprocal 16.56 to 80.97 percent tariff on aluminum foil after the department discovered that the Chinese government supported aluminum producers. “The United […]

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    The Impact of Vocational Interests on Life

    There are many characteristics of people that affect the choices they make in life.  The stable characteristics that determine how people differ from each other are what we call personality.  Many studies explore the impact of broad traits like the Big Five (extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, extraversion, and neuroticism) as well as narrower traits (like narcissism and need for cognition) on the […]

    Top 5 Important Trends That Bring Impact on How You Do SEO in 2017

    DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2017 / Search Engine Optimization is unquestionably one of the top digital marketing strategies that has changed the way businesses compete with each other and has revolutionized the process on how they reach out to their target customers. View photos Nowadays, modern businesses don’t go around without SEO […]

    Illinois Soda Tax Will Impact All Retailers Selling Sugary Drinks

    Officials in Illinois will attempt a Philadelphia-style soda tax implemented on retailers statewide, which critics argue will only lead to higher prices and angry shoppers. The proposed legislation will place a large beverage tax on sugary products in the name of improving public health and curbing obesity. The obesity rate in Illinois is roughly 30 percent […]

    4 Ways Mobile Devices Impact Your Business and Marketing

    1.  Mobile devices have a smaller screen. This is painfully obvious, but have you designed for it? Mobile screens are changing e-mail messaging structures. I read an Infusionsoft report that highlighted this and implored customers to pay attention to the mobile screen. Dozens of others have followed suit. What will your customers see on a […]

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    The Secrets of the SBA Impact on Lending

    Lending for small businesses has undergone some major changes in the past few years. Before the economic downturn of 2008, fiscally responsible small business owners had no problem finding startup or expansion capital but since then, things have changed. Recent studies (PDF) by national and regional organizations show a 20 percent decrease in small business loans […]