• Strange Perspective: How to start listening to podcasts

    Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t, but podcasts are basically radio on the internet, on demand. They are surprisingly popular, and according to Edison Research, a quarter of Americans are listening to them on a monthly basis. It’s an interesting medium, but if you are new to podcasts, there’s so much content out […]

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    7 Most Common Customer Pain Points and How to Fix Them

    Customers expect more from today’s small businesses than ever before. Here’s the 7 most common customer pain points and how to fix them. Most Common Customer Pain Points Providing Inaccurate Information It doesn’t matter what kind of small business you have, clients who call you or contact you online are looking for good advice. If […]

    Tech transformation: how agriculture is being redefined through digital innovation and startups

    At a recent YES Bank panel and digital startup competition, it was evident that India’s digital boom was lending the Indian startup ecosystem a distinctly agri-flavour. The convergence of mobile networks, broadband internet, cloud platforms, IoT, AI and open data is helping transform one of the world’s oldest professions. This is of great significance as […]

    How to Play Google Podcasts Everywhere—Including iOS

    Image: Google Do you podcast? Google has a new app out for Android that’s ready to download and play all your favorite pods. While the functionality is a little on the bare-bones side for now, it does have one ace up its sleeve—the ability to play your podcasts across all your devices with the help of Google […]

    How HungerBox makes digitalised cafeterias work in India

    Long before food tech became a catchword, Sandipan Mitra, Co-founder and CEO of HungerBox, a business-to-business (B2B) food tech start-up, started an online food ordering company in 2007 and named it HungryBangalore.com. It was just like Zomato and Swiggy are today. But he and his co-founder never thought of life beyond Bangalore. When Indian Angel […]

    How To Market With A Podcast

    Shutterstock Chris Cebollero will never forget the day his podcast idea was born. “As an executive coach, I was taken to task by a caller that said to me, ‘I can’t afford an executive coach, but I could benefit from your expertise. What are you doing for the folks that cannot afford your service?’” This […]

    How newcomer entrepreneurs are making a difference in Atlantic Canada

    Suzanne Phillips and Adish Gebreselase are seen at Splitt Ends Unisex Hair Design, a storefront salon in Halifax that Phillips sold to the Eritrean immigrant last year. (Kelly Toughill) Adish Gebreselase is golden. The barber from Eritrea represents the highest hopes and dreams of government policy makers in Atlantic Canada: A newcomer who is running a […]

    How do you find motivation when you need it most?

    Sometimes, your sense of motivation eludes you, even when all kinds of external motivating factors are present – here’s what you can do about it. Everyone has found themselves with flagging motivation at an inconvenient time but when an unstoppable pall of apathy meets an immovable deadline, the situation is elevated from inconvenient to borderline […]

    Startup failure: why do startups fail and how to avoid it

    Every year startups fail, even with VC backing and support. But with each of these failures, we learn something. Most important is to test your idea before you start up. Often aspiring entrepreneurs are so in love with their idea that they fail to look at it from a 360-degree perspective and skip the tough […]