What National Entrepreneurship Awards 2019 Hold for Business Enthusiasts and Nation’s Economy?

    India is known for its diversified capabilities and incomparable economy markets. Ever since we know economy, it travels through the thrust and crust carrying nation’s financial growth. Our honorable governments till date have left no stone unturned in rising up the country’s economy structure and the new input in the entrepreneur world by the government […]

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    This image shows Titan in ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. Red and green colors indicate where atmospheric methane is absorbing light, while the blue color shows the upper atmospheric haze. Image credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute. NASA researchers have confirmed the existence in Titan’s atmosphere of vinyl cyanide, which is an organic compound that could potentially provide […]

    Does This Man Hold the Keys to Nigeria’s Future?

    Personal vehicles can really drain environmental resources. Some large companies have worked to come up with alternatives. Many of those electric vehicles, however, are expensive or otherwise unattainable for everyday consumers. But now, a student in Nigeria seems to have outsmarted all those big auto companies. Segun Oyeyiola single-handedly converted his Volkswagen Beetle into a […]

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    Habitat could hold key to success for RDRR Project

    JEFFERSON CITY–The decline of the Democratic Party in rural Missouri has gotten so bad that even Republican leaders agree that it may be time for conservation efforts. The Rural Democrat Restoration and Recovery Project (RDRR) is a plan to establish breeding pairs of Democrats in small cities around the state. The pilot communities must have […]