Healthy lifestyle can help fight dementia, suggests study

    London [UK], December 28 (ANI): According to a recent study, a group of researchers have found that keeping fit can help fight dementia. The scientists have found that physical activity helps stimulate blood circulation in areas at risk in the front of the brain, reports Daily Express. Dementia is a growing problem worldwide, due to an ageing […]

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    Tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in winter

    The best all round elixir is organic virgin coconut oil. (Source: File Photo) The onset of winters can prove to be a health hazard if you are not following a nutritious diet, and a balanced lifestyle. So make sure you are getting right nutrition this chilly season. Noorul Ameen, Naturopathy Physician at Organic India, lists […]

    6 Ways to Foster Healthy Competition at Work

    Workplace competition can help make your staff more productive, more engaged and more energized. However, it can also stress them out, crush their confidence and lead to lasting resentment. Some people are naturally competitive and thrive in competitions, while others aren’t and will cringe at the mere idea of a contest. How can you create […]

    residing alone can Dent healthy Diets

    MELBOURNE: individuals who stay alone are much more likely to have unhealthy diets lacking keymeals due to inadequate cooking abilties, no companion to go shopping with and a lack of motivation tocook, a brand new look at has located. guys residing on my own were much more likely to have a bad food regimen than […]

    Monetary rewards motivate people to live healthy, strive for success

    People increase their internal motivation to eat fruits and vegetables, when rewarded monetarily, finds a study. (Shutterstock) Monetary rewards are effective in motivating people to take up healthy eating and striving for success, finds a team of American researchers. The study, which encouraged daily consumption of fruits and vegetables in exchange for payment, not only […]