Advertising on podcasts and online audio media has tripled: IAB research

    The number of media agencies using podcast advertising regularly has nearly tripled in the last year (from 5% in December 2016 to 14% in December 2017). A further seven in ten agencies are either experimenting with podcasting or looking to experiment with it this year. The emergence of new audio advertising options “is invigorating the whole […]

    Apple Has Ruined Its Podcasts App

    Photo illustration by Slate. Image by Apple. I’m not a knee-jerk tech-tweak hater. You know the type: Ugggh, Twitter replaced the favorite button with the like! Twitter is ruined! It was the like button, guys, not the neo-Nazis. But I am able to recognize when an app or interface declines for reasons that go beyond a change I’m just not […]

    Social Capital has started investing in startups, sight unseen

    There’s little question that former Facebook executive and venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya thoroughly enjoys challenging the way that startups are funded. Because he has the hot hand, so to speak, he’s able to get away with it, too. Last month, for example, Palihapitiya’s firm, Social Capital, took the unusual step of raising $600 million in an IPO […]

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    Portugal has the best quality of life in the world for expats

    If you’re thinking of quitting your job where you live and moving abroad for a new life and career, then Portugal is apparently the place to be. According to one of the world’s most comprehensive reports—Expat Insider 2017—on expats, Portugal has the best quality of life in the world. InterNations, the networking group which conducted […]

    LOOK: Miami has a ridiculous ‘Turnover Chain’ for motivation

    Miami has come up with an interesting way to incentivize players to force turnovers. Hurricanes’ defensive coordinator Manny Diaz introduced a “turnover chain” to his players on Saturday before the Bethune-Cookman game, according to a report from 247 Sports. “He told us this morning about the turnover chain,” linebacker Shaquille Quarterman said after the game. “It goes to whoever gets […]

    ‘India has lowest entrepreneurial exit rate among factor-driven economies’

    AHMEDABAD, AUGUST 23:   India has the lowest entrepreneurial exit rate among factor-driven and BRICS countries surveyed by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), a global consortium researching on entrepreneurship. The GEM India Report says that only 2.3 per cent of adults reported discontinuation of their business in 2015-16, among factor-driven and BRICS countries. According to the […]

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    This weird moon of Saturn has some essential ingredients for life

    If you were going to cook up life on another world, Titan is the place to do it. Saturn’s largest moon is rich with carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen — elements required by all living organisms on Earth. It has two types of wet ingredients — an ocean of water underground and lakes of liquid methane on the surface. And it’s flush […]

    The Success of ‘Despacito’ Has Labels Looking to Latin

    As the Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber collab dominates the summer, A&R executives spot a trend. “Despacito,” the first mostly Spanish-language song to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 20 years, has already brought in $2.9 million in revenue for Universal Music Group in the United States alone, according to estimates based on […]