20 Important LinkedIn Groups for Business

    If you want to connect with small business professionals like yourself, then one way to do it is by visiting LinkedIn Groups. They provide both resources and connections, but there is just one problem – there are so many of them. Just type “small business” into the LinkedIn search engine, and you will see how popular the […]

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    TeamsID Helps Secure Your Passwords for Slack and Other Groups

    A new platform aims to help thwart password exploitation, one of the most popular ways hackers use to breach systems. With TeamsID you can ensure the passwords the team in your small business use are protected. Digital security is one of the biggest challenges small businesses face, which requires protecting every possible vector of attack. […]

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    Why Angel subsidized groups are raising less cash

    The average angel-backed agency receives an awful lot less capital today than it did inside the early 2000s, data from the university of recent Hampshire’s center for assignment research (CVR) exhibits. The CVR’s numbers — which come from surveys of person angels and angel companies — display that thedollars that the common angel-sponsored agency acquired […]