Technology As The Great Enabler For Female Entrepreneurs

    Often, we think of technology relative to a career as an asset, a tool or skill to be leveraged for gain. But during a recent dinner, Professor Vanessa Chan reminded me that the changing nature of work means technology can be so much more: it can be the key with which entrepreneurs unlock the global […]

    Three More Great History Podcasts That Aren’t Hardcore History

    The New York Pride Parade rides past Stonewall innPhoto: Spencer Platt/Getty Images When those bullies from business school mocked you for getting a useless doctorate in medieval literature, they didn’t see the world of history podcasts coming. Now it’s cool as hell to sit in your closet and read out your doctoral thesis. Because it […]

    10 Expert Tips to Make a Great Podcast for Your Small Business

    Wailin Wong is one professional who has made use of podcasting for years. Wong is one of the hosts of Basecamp’s Rework podcast. And she’s previously hosted another podcast for Basecamp called The Distance. So Wong’s experience isn’t just about the logistics of running a podcast, but also about using the format as a way for businesses to […]

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    Meet Sumatra’s Tapanuli orangutan: The world’s newest known great ape is already nearly extinct

    Tim Laman/Wikimedia Commons [Licensed under CC-BY-4.0] The Tapanuli orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis) of Sumatra is both the world’s newest known great ape species and its most threatened, after being officially categorised this week as Critically Endangered, or nearly extinct in the wild. Researchers last month declared it the world’s eighth great ape species, distinguishing it from […]

    International Day of the Girl: 16 great quotes from famous women

    Empowered: Wonder Woman in Warner Bros film CREDIT: CLAY ENOS/WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT Happy International Day of the Girl! Now in its fifth year, the United Nations has designated October 11 as a day “to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights.” To mark this year’s iteration we bring you, […]

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    How to Create Great Content in Boring Industries

    The ability to excite and inspire is a critical ingredient for online marketing success. What are you doing today that will connect and engage viewers of your content? Boring industries don’t have to be boring. NBC built an entire series, “The Office,” around the daily doldrums of a paper company in Scranton, PA. Nine seasons, […]

  • Farmer en suite, Swiss ‘zero-star’ hotel moves beds to great outdoors

    An overnight stay in a double bed “suite” in a field costs 295 Swiss francs ($306), but you do get a drink on arrival, breakfast and the services of a “modern butler” — typically a local farmer in rubber boots. He or she escorts guests to the site, provides weather reports and delivers local jokes […]

    4 Podcasts That Offer Great Advertising ROI for Entrepreneurs

    We’re bombarded with marketing messages every day, so if you’re an entrepreneur with a lot of money to spend and you want to advertise your business’s product, service or message for maximum ROI, where do you go? One route that is dramatically picking up steam is buying advertising time on popular podcasts. This medium has exploded […]