Apple Unveils 100 New ‘Gender Diverse’ Emojis to Come With iOS 10

    HIGHLIGHTS The new emojis include a rainbow flag and a water gun These new emojis will be introduced with iOS 10 The new set includes more options to represent women The latest version of Apple’s mobile and tablet operating system – iOS 10 – is arriving this fall alongside the new iPhone 7, and it’s […]

    Gender gap remains wide in STEM

    The proportion of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is the lowest in South and West Asia at almost 19%. Photo: Mint New Delhi: Gender inequality in science has been a matter of concern for years, but progress toward closing the awning gap continues to be tardy, according to the UN. Only 28.4% […]

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    ‘Gender prejudice is far more difficult to remove than ethnic, racial and religious prejudices’

    Photo Credit: imgion.com 13.7K Total Views Epic debate Apart from all religions, most countries and their laws are anti-women and male-chauvinistic, possibly because of the predominance of men among religious prophets/heads and lawmakers (“Courts may not indict Ram for mistreating Sita – but the women of India already have”). Gender prejudice is far more difficult […]