Spotify aims to turn podcast fans into podcast creators with ‘Create podcast’ test

    Spotify is testing a new “Create podcast” feature that shows up atop a user’s list of their subscribed podcasts in the app interface, as first uncovered by Jane Manchung Wong (@wongmjane) (via Engadget). The button then provides a takeover promotion directing users to download Anchor, the podcast creation app that Spotify acquired in February. This is yet another example of […]


    Justin Drown’s true crime podcast, Obscura, always seemed to garner positive reviews. For the first year he hosted the show, Drown says it “overwhelmingly” earned five-star marks from fans. That changed in July. Suddenly, Obscura was inundated with hundreds of one-star reviews on Apple Podcasts. His overall rating fell from five, to four, to around three and a half […]

    Kiwis pin posters of fans in dressing room for motivation

    New Zealand are through to the quarterfinals and Thursday’s match against Sri Lanka in Mumbai may be inconsequential. But the Kiwis are not losing sight of the fact that a win against the 1996 World Cup champions will do wonders to their confidence and momentum in their last group game before the knockout stage. The […]

    The HearO Tennis Ball Speaker is a Green Solution Fans Will Love

    As Serena Williams and Andy Murray celebrated their 2016 Wimbledon victories this weekend, few fans probably considered the tennis balls they used during the tournament — those that don’t wind up as the cherished keepsakes — would likely end up in the trash. But this fact hasn’t escaped the attention of Richard Moss, a former […]

  • 6 amazing podcasts for military history fans

    By Chris Smith Last updated: 02 April 2016, 14:14 BST Print this story More and more Brits are tuning into podcasts. These web-based audio shows are similar to radio broadcasts, but available to download free and enjoy at your own convenience. Through podcasts you can access an ever-growing range of specialist content, whether your area […]