• Exploring life’s digital boundaries with ‘Factory of the Living’

    Two new works from the Factory of the Living exhibition at the Pompidou Center in Paris show how digital technology is influencing art and biology. Both pieces were developed in “collaboration” with living organisms:The first, H.O.R.T.U.S. XL astaxanthin.g, from ecoLogicStudio was built using cyanobacteria, and the second, Urban Morphogenesis Lab’s XenoDerma, gets an assist from an asian fawn […]

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    Most SMBs Exploring Cloud Communications, Cisco Survey Finds

    A majority of small businesses are looking to the cloud for solutions to their communications needs, says a study from Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) and ZK Research. At the direction of Marcus Gallo, senior solution marketing manager for Cloud Collaboration at Cisco, Zeus Kerravala, an industry analyst with ZK Research, conducted more than 50 one-on-one interviews with […]