10 Expert Tips to Make a Great Podcast for Your Small Business

    Wailin Wong is one professional who has made use of podcasting for years. Wong is one of the hosts of Basecamp’s Rework podcast. And she’s previously hosted another podcast for Basecamp called The Distance. So Wong’s experience isn’t just about the logistics of running a podcast, but also about using the format as a way for businesses to […]

    10 Expert Tips for Using Microsoft Teams for Your Small Business

    Microsoft Teams is a communication tool within Office 365 that gives small businesses a straightforward way to communicate and collaborate with employees. For those who haven’t used Microsoft Teams, it can help to get some valuable tips and insights from experts in order to make the most of it. Microsoft Teams Tips Simona Millham is a […]

    A hiring expert explains why India’s startups are losing their talent

    The do’s and don’ts of scouting the globe for talent. (Reuters/Amit Dave) The glory days of India’s startups seem to be coming to an end: Valuations are dropping and funding is slowing down. But most importantly, high-profile departures have become a trend. With saturated markets and poor innovation, startups that were once quick to throw […]

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    Introducing Steve King, Our Newest Expert

    Some of you already know Steve King from his blog, Small Biz Labs. Steve has been an active commenter here at Small Business Trends.  We also had him on the radio show last year, where he spoke about demographics and trends in the small business market.  He’s also  contributed two articles over at the American Express OPEN Forum as one of the […]

    The DIY Guide to Being an SEO Expert

    Imagine … generating hundred and thousands of hits to your website a day. Those hits turn into email subscribers, and people buying your products. This consistent traffic gives you the financial freedom you need to spend time living a life that brings joy and abundance to the world. This is the reality for many business owners […]

    Trailer Park Boys new success comes from being less Canadian, says expert

    The Trailer Park Boys, (left to right) Julian (John Paul Tremblay), Bubbles (Mike Smith) and Ricky (Robb Wells). The show had a successful seven-season run on Showcase, but has grown in stature over the past three years now that it is on Netflix. Trailer Park Boys: the Canadian show that succeeded by being not-so-Canadian 4:43 […]