Punters are betting thousands of pounds that Corbyn will be the next PM – Chopper’s Election Podcast Episode 11

    Following Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election on June 8, Chopper’s Brexit Podcast has been temporarily rebranded Chopper’s Election Podcast. This week, podcast host and Chief Political Correspondent Christopher ‘Chopper’ Hope talks to experts about how the Manchester terror attack could impact on the election, and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s recent rise in the polls. In […]

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    Orbital Episode 2: Panic Button

    on this episode, Roydon and Rishi be part of the host Pranay to speak about the Indian authoritiesmaking a panic button for all smartphones offered in India publish January 1, 2017 and Nintendo’s accessinto the world of smartphones. We take a look at the first-class print to tell you all you need to recognize approximately […]

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    Orbital Episode 4: Farewell Intel?

    no one batted an eyelid when Intel introduced its choice to pull out of the phone marketplace, howeveris it without a doubt an excellent decision? to speak about this, evaluations editor Jamshed and podcasteveryday Roydon be part of your host Pranay. We additionally speak about Viv, an upcoming AI assistant and whether it is what […]

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    Orbital Episode 5: Allo, Welcome to Google I/O

    As Google I/O 2016 gets underway, Roydon and Ali be a part of your host Pranay to speak about theirfavorite bulletins from the keynote. We start by speaking approximately the two messenger apps, Allo and Duo, and the way they integrate with Google Assistant. Then Roydon takes over to speak about one statement specially that […]

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    Orbital Episode 6: should You buy the ps 3?

    in case you are short on coins however want to play games, the Sony playstation 3 is one of the nicegaming consoles for you. It doesn’t value a whole lot, is still officially supported, and has a set offantastic games at definitely low charges. Avid gamers Gagan and Rishi be part of host Pranay to […]

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    Orbital Episode eight: iOS 10 Marshmallow

    on this episode of our weekly podcast, Akhil and Gagan be part of your host Pranay to talk about allmatters Apple. We make a want list for things we want from WWDC 2016, starting with iOS 10. At thisfactor Gagan goes full Google and talks approximately his radical reimagination of iOS 10 which Apple willprobable […]

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    Orbital Episode 9: Euro 2016 unique – FIFA sixteen vs PES 2016′

    Euro 2016, Europe’s biggest soccer event, begins nowadays. As 24 teams slug it out for the trophy, weidea it would be a first rate time to speak approximately our favorite football video games. big footballgame fan Akhil, who can’t forestall gambling Fifa despite the fact that he hates it and full-time gamer Rishi be part […]

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    Orbital Episode 10: WWDC 2016 unique

    in this unique episode of Orbital, we burn midnight oil to speak about the whole lot Apple announced at WWDC 2016, proper after the keynote ended. Akhil and Gagan join your host Pranay to talk about our favorite bulletins from Apple’s keynote. From upgrades to the Messages app to a lot–needed Apple musicenhancements, we speak […]

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    Orbital Episode 11: excellent games of E3 2016

    As E3 2016 reached its conclusion, three game enthusiasts sat down to speak about all of the thrillinggames introduced at the expo. gamers Gagan and Rishi join your host Pranay to talk approximately thegames that we found interesting. We picked 3 video games every first, followed via one game thatdespatched all people on a hype […]